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the Round Robin
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Intro Message
As we are gathering everything up and tiddying the place up please bear with us. We will have a intro community open for incoming applications and the like, but for now please post to one of the mod's journals with the below application sheet! Thank you! dirty scally wags...


1. Please consider other users at all times

2. No attacking of other members

3. No spamming of any kind will be tolerated

4. No duplicate characters

5. No duplicate jobs (unless okayed).

6. Any decisions made by the Captain and first mate ARE FINAL (The Captain and First Mate are the mods by the way. So keep that in mind).

7. Respect and take orders from the Captain and first mate.

8. Do not post with the soul intention of annoying people.

9. Keep the content of discussions on the topic and related issues.

10. The Round Robin is meant to be a friendly and fun community so it will not tolerate bullying and making fun or being offensive towards each other (in a serious manner).

11. Anyone who, in any way, shows himself or herself to be an "enemy" will be driven from the ship's midst like a flea-bitten cur.

12. A person may have more than one character, and that character does NOT have to sail with the Captain and the First Mate BUT one must respect them regardless of their "relationship." (If someone is interested in this little section than PLEASE send some form of character information and ideas to one of the mods own personal jounals or ask for one of their e-mails to do so! Do no post it on the community itself! Thank you kindly).

13. Characters are allowed to be "supernatural" if wished on, but those characters are still under control of the rules and DO NOT start that whole bollocks about "I am invincible," because there is no such thing as true immorality! So do everyone the kind favor and don't enter this community ridding upon a high horse! It's not appericated or welcomed. You will be dealt with accordingly if so!

14. The Round Robin is mainly a Pirate community but other forms of walking life/undead are welcomed! Just do understand that those other form of characters will be forced to live and "work" upon ships (either the Dragon's Treasure, or some other made up vessel) on some form or fashion!


(If one's character does specifically want to join the Dragon's Treasure fill this section out...or take it as an idea of what the mods need to know about the characters wishing to join the community in general *minus number six in that case*)
1. Full name

2. Age

3. Heritage

4. Description of Character

5. Life History

6.Why one wants to join the crew

Ship Jobs/Ideas:

(Keep in mind that not all of these jobs will work out in this way, and some will not apply to the Dragon's Treasure. These are just ideas! AND keep in mind that some people have taken these jobs (so please read on their personal page and look at their interests to see what job they have taken) and may or may not wish to share that position!)

1. The Captain’s Charge is to command all, and tell the Master to what Port we will go, or to what height. In a fight, he is to give Direction to the managing thereof, and the master is to see the cunning of the Ship, and, Rimming of the sails.

2. The Master and his mates are to direct the course, command all the sailors, for steering, trimming and sailing the ship, his maters are only his seconds, allowed sometimes for the two Mid-ships-men, that ought to take charge of the first prize.

3. The Pilot when they make land doth take the charge of the ship till he brings her to the Harbour.

4. The Chirurgion (Surgeon) is to be exempted from all duty, but to attend the sick and cure the wounded: and good care would had be have the certificate from the Barberchirurgions hall of his sufficiency, and also that his chest be well furnished both for physic and for Chirurgery, and so near as may be proper for the clime you go for, which neglect hath been the loss of many a man’s life.

5. The Cap Merchant or Purser hath the charge of all the Cargo or Merchandise, and doth keep an account of all that is received, or delivered, but a man of war hath only a purser.

6. The Master Gunner hath the charge of the Ordinance, and shot, powder, match, ladles, sprunges, worms, cartrages, Arms and Fire-works; and the rest of the Gunners, and Quarter Gunners to receive their charge from him according to directions, and to give an account of their stores.

7. The Carpenter and his mate, is to have the nails, clinches, rove and clinch-nails, pikes, splates, rudder-irons, pumpnails, skupper nails, and leather, sawes, files, hatchets, and such like, and ever ready for caulking, breaming, stopping leaks, fishing or splicing the masts or yards as occasion requireth, and to give account to his store.

8. The Boatswain is to have the charge of all the Cordage, Tackling, sails, Fids and Marling Spikes, Needles, Twine, sail-Cloth, and rigging for the ship, his mate the command of the long-boat, for the setting forth of anchors, weighting or fetching home an anchor, warping, towing or mooring, and to give an account to his store.

9. The Trumpeter is always to attend the Captain’s command, and to (be) found either at his going ashore, or coming aboard, at the entertainment of strangers, also when you hale a ship, when you charge, board or enter; and the Poop deck is his place to stand or sit upon, if there be a noise they are to attend him, if there be not, everyone he doth teach to bear a part, the Captain is to encourage him, by increasing his shares, or pay and give the Master Trumpeter a reward.

10. The Marshal is to punish offenders, and to see the justice executed according to Directions; As ducking at the Yard’s arm, Hauling under the keel, bound to the Capstern (capstain), or mainmast with a Basket of Shot about his neck, setting is the Bilboes, and to pay the cobty or the Morjoune.

11. The Corporal is to see the setting and relieving the Watch, and see all the soldiers ad sailors keep their arms clean, neat and yare, and to teach them their uses.

12. The Quarter-Masters have the charge of the howle, the stowing, romagng and trimming the ship in the hold, and of their squadrons for the watch, and for fishing to have a seine, trident, harpoon, and fish hooks.

13. The Cooper is to look to the cask, hoops and twigs, to stave or repair the buckets, baricos, cans, steep rubs, runlets, hogsheads, pips, buts, ect. For wine bear, sider, beverage, fresh water, or any liquor.

14. The Coxwain is to have a choice gang to attend the skiffe, to go to and again as occasion commandeth.

15. The cook is to dress and deliver out the victual, he hath his tore of quarter cans, small cans, platters, spoons, lanthornes. And is to give his account of the remainder.

16. The swabber is to wash and keep clean the ship, and maps.

17. The Liar is to hold his place but for a week, and he that is first take with a lie, every Monday is so proclaimed at the main-mast by a general cry, “a liar, a liar, a liar,” he is under the Swabber and only to keep clean the Beak-head, and Chains.

18. The Sailors are the ancient men for hoisting the sails, getting the tacks aboard, hailing the bowling, and steering the ship.

19. The Younkers are the young men called fore-mast-men, to take in the top sail, or top and yard, for furling the sails, bousing and tricing, and take their turns at the helm.

20. The Lieutenant is to associate the Captain, and in his absence to execute his place, he is to see the Marshall and Corporal to their duties, assist them in instructing the soldiers, and in a fight the fore-castle in his place to make good, and the Captain doth the half-deck, and the Quarter-master, or Master’s mate, the Mid-ships, and in a statesman of War, he is also allowed as necessary as a Lieutenant on shore.

The Crews and Ships!

The Dragon’s Treasure: Man-O-War

Crewmates (hiring):

1.Ryem Beckham Talask – The Captain

2.Violy de Reckheim – Sailor

3.Rath McFaerson – Navigator/Sailor

4.Makayla Renee Lavey – Master Gunner/Sailor

5.Lily Rose Bell Mckinly – Cap Merchant/Sailor

6.Magus Abaddon – Lieutenant/Sailor

7.Nilofer Osamina – Trumpeter/Sailor

8.Belladonna Aneirin – Marshal/Sailor

9.Nioki Tendowa – Surgeon

10.Zoltan Hunyadi – Boatswain/Sailor

11.Kalok Ericson – Corporal/Sailor

12.Daemeon Espinoza – Sailor

13.Legba Blackwater Anansi – Cook/Sailor

14.May Highwater – Cook/Sailor

15.1st mate – missing in action (;_;)

The Thornton: Schooner

Crewmates (not hiring):

1.Mei “Ran” Ning – The Captain

2.Aiko Nyoko - Sailor

3.Alucard Integral Hellsing - Sailor

4.Anine - Sailor

5.Aoki Shirou - Sailor

6.Aya Ansley - Sailor

7.Cin 'Aed Devi - Sailor

8.Rinoa Miharu - Sailor

9.Sakiko Yumai – Sailor

The Imperial Pearl: The flagship – Navy ship

Fleet members (might hire but used for the dramatics of being the “agonists):

1.Draven Bryden Rimington - Fleet Admiral

2.Taiven London Tarragon – Lieutenant Commander

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