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Where there is a sea there are pirates
Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate, after all
September 7th, 2006 
Makayla has finally managed to place herself away from the bonfire and once again take refuge in the dirty cleaning of the gunk filled cannons.

She tugs her hair up while frowning at the rest of the cannons, “Gross…he’s picky about his ship but not his cannons? I suppose he hasn’t done much fighting lately,” She thinks this to herself as she pushes her sleeves up.

Flopping down on her knees she scrubs the one in front of her, “At least I only have twenty more to go!” She beams to herself, “Better than the huge number I started off with!” Smiles at the ones behind her.

Sighs, “And than I can go die in the tub!” She closes her eyes in that happy cute girlish sort of manner, “Sweetest of heavens!!!!!”

After this thought she begins to clean speed, “The faster I’m done the more I can enjoy…”

She becomes lost in her thoughts…
02:38 am - Sea creature *o*
She runs out of the Sea where she was playing with Daemeon for about an hour and has begun to follow after a little red crab that has made its way upon shore.

While following it she giggles madly, and playfully pokes it with a tiny stick she randomly just found upon the white sand.

Smiling down at it, “Snappy Snap…”

She chimes this over and over again until it has become a song to her.

Sitting down upon the wet sand she pokes it, and scoots it about so it cannot venture away from her spot.

Nioki smiles the entire time.
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