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Where there is a sea there are pirates
Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate, after all
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Rath: ::was sure he would have to build his captain a Bonfire on account of it being some minor manual labor of a mildly demeaning sort::

::Settles back in his Hammock, Tired after all the Sexing and Scrubbing and tying down of the ship::

::watches Nioki and Daemeon go down the Beach together::

29th-Aug-2006 02:39 pm - Had been Hiding...??
Stretching, May Highwater rose from the little makeshift hammock-bunk she'd strung up behind crates and kegs in the Galley and smiled as she made her long-legged way off the Dragon's Treasure. Ha, she laughed in her mind, more like Ryem's Treasure. Glancing about, a breeze ruffling her sunbleached hair, May looks around as she walks down onto the soft sands and bites her lip. She'd spoken to Ryem when he was drunk and in Tortuga. After that, she'd been unable to find him and so stowed away... it had been a surprise to her that no one had discovered her various resting places. It seemed fitting her last stop had been the Galley, considering she'd offered herself up as Cook...amongst other things. Coughing back her worries, May shook herself down and smoothed her ruffled tartan skirt. She'd be alright, she always was. The English-born tauntress swaggered her way towards a circle of drunken shipmates.
27th-Aug-2006 02:34 am - Coco-nuts!
The little over joyed gypsy girl skips away from the bonfire without stopping to greet anyone and makes her way down the coastline giggling madly. She stops under a palm tree that has lost many coconuts and twirls under it chiming, “Coco-nuts, Coo-nuts,” over and over again. She finally stops and begins to stick some into a little red bag with multi colored patterns stitched upon it, “Coco-nuts!” She giggles and looks up at the tree while swaying.
26th-Aug-2006 11:42 pm - Making the bonfire...
**After securing a safe place to build and burn the fire – a fire circle of rocks always makes the best and safest area to build a fire – and of course setting up a decently sized pit (takes him a bit), Magus searches briefly for the “ingredients” to keep a healthy decently sized flame feed. Finding tinder, kindling, and fuel inside the “jungle” area on the island. He lays all of these in the right spots at the right times but does not yet start the flame.**

**Magus makes many short trips back and forth from the tied up ship too the little area he has secured for fire. Going back to the vessel once for getting a shovel to dig a decently sized pit, and another for getting a large bucket from the kitchen so he can respectfully splash the flames out.**

**The trips from the ship – including having to climb up and down on one of the many ropes that ties the Dragon’s treasure to the land – and the trip to collect the water from the sea for his bucket takes him about an hour. Which almost brings the early night.**

**Magus lights the tinder bundle and closes up the door to the tinder bundle – since one is to leave a “door” to get into lighting the fire. Waiting about five minutes the fire finally shows up and spreads upon its wooden victims.**

**His iceberg blue eyes watch the flames for a moment making sure they do go upon a dysfunctional rampage. And when he is convinced other wise Magus sits himself down upon the sand around the bonfire where Captain Ryem and some of the other mates are at**

**He sighs while untying his boot laces and once done with that scoots them behind him and lays spread out on the sand rubbing his forehead**

**Magus thinks to himself, “Nice to have some relaxation,” His eyes watch the sky for a moment and he sits back up so he can speak to the “new” mates he has not yet met**
26th-Aug-2006 08:17 pm - Land ho' bitches!
::After berthing his lovely “demon” supported ship – the Dragon’s Treasure - Ryem teaches the majority of this crew – besides Magus and Rath – how to tie the Man-O-War properly to the white beached land::
::It takes a while, and he shows marvelous patience that seems uncharacteristic of him::
::Ryem also swiftly and skillfully gets the food, and drinks off the ship by himself::
::He refuses any form of help or any offers of it::
::The good Captain of this vessel is a stubborn man and proudly so::
::After getting the last crate of alcohol down he reaches into it with quick hands and grabs four bottles of rum – two for both hands – and soberly makes his way from the ship outwards::
::He walks for only four minutes and plops down onto the sand happily with a rather broad smile on his face::
::Watching out over the sea and watching the sun start to make its descend into the vast fathom of the Ocean horizon::
::Ryem pops the caps off all the bottles with his right thumb with no trouble at all::
::His intense blue eyes drift over to his crew and watches them::
::Than they spot the other ship – The Thornton – being tied down in quite an impressive speed::
::He smiles at Captain Ning and her crewmates::
::He kicks off his brown dirty boots and sits them next to his right side::
::Goes back to watching the sunset::
26th-Aug-2006 12:41 am - Finally outta of Tortuga
::Ryem with quite a happy gleemful look in his eyes pulls of the murky god-forbidden ports of Tortuga::
::It is quite apparent that he is meant to sail and that he loves each breath he takes of the Ocean::
::He sets sails towards a Schooner ship::
::From the comfort of the wheel he shouts down at the part of his crew that is upon the deck::
OYE! I have an announcement on a certain accord I have struck with an ol’ mate of mine! Nor do I need nor want anyone’s two cents on it, savvy? But I have struck a deal with Captain Mei Ran Ning of tha Thornton…
::He points towards the ship that is waiting patiently::
She shall be sailin’ beside us! Captain Ning has no control on ye, and I have no control on ‘er crewmates. We sail togetha as partners in “crime,” and for lookin’ out for each otha, savvy? We shall split treasure with ‘em, that’s just what one does when ye travel togetha! She shall be quite a help considerin’ how dangerous these seas have become as of late…
::He seems annoyed at this part::
‘Cause of all tha royal fleets tryin’ ta place restrictions on us, or just hang us ta rid us. Plus since I am harborin’ a fugitive…
::His eyes glance over at Magus::
I shall be usin’ a great partner! And I will also be sayin’ this, and listen ta this part very well, Captain Ning will not be disrespected by ANYONE of ye! Understood? She means a lot ta this ol’ Captain. She has saved me life on many o’ occasions, and I have even known ‘er longer than Mister ol’ crazy McFaerson…
::Smiles down at Rath who is scrubbing the deck so diligently::
Captain Ning is a loyal mate, and she shall show ye no disrespect so make sure ye do tha same, ‘cause I will have ye punished for hurtin’ ‘er in any form! That bloody woman is a goddamn saint!
::Nods after he states this all::
And now we shall make berth on a tiny o’ island that Mister McFaerson and I like ta retreat for relaxation! I wish ye all ta mingle in a pleasant environment and hopefully ye all can get tha fuck along…
::His eyes wash over all of them on deck::
‘Cause if ye cannot get along right now I cannot imagine tha journeys out in sea for months. It only gets worse mates especially if ye have ta see tha same foke for days on end. If ye have a problem with someone COME TA ME ‘bout it! I shall deal with it. So don’t make a ruckus on me ship!
::He spins the wheel to the right::
So we shall be arrivin’ shortly mates! So just be ready ta be useful and tie down the ship when we land on tha white sands! Handle ‘er with care, savvy?
::Goes back to paying attention to his wheel and tiny handy compass::
24th-Aug-2006 12:45 am - Time to think...
Her ocean gray blue eyes drift from the cannon to look up at the “ceiling” of the gun deck – which is the deck (duh). She can hear the chittering, yelling, and conversations all above her and her eyes glance downward to hear loud laughing echoing from the hold, “Lord everyone is being loud…” She continues to clean the cannons madly thinking, “I’ll just down here for a while…” She nods and continues to think to herself, “Good idea.” She is more than halfway done cleaning, scrubbing, and checking on the conditions of most of the cannons. Her eyes float towards all the boxes, she shall than have to sort and organize all the supplies in the crates. She blows a strand of hair from her face that fell out of the tie, and than pushes it behind her ear with on her caked in black fingertips. She looks at her hands, and slightly shivers, but goes back to working diligently.
23rd-Aug-2006 11:38 pm - News you best take well...
She makes her way down into the hold where the mess is becoming more organized by her daughter and Lily, “I have news for you dear Lily.” She walks her way through the mess picking up items on her to approach Lily.
23rd-Aug-2006 11:32 pm - Where o Where are ye Daemeon
::Starts to search the deck looking for Daemeon::
'OYE! Where are he hidin' at?
::He cups his hands over his mouth while searching aimlessly about for the Italian::
Time to watch ye climb 'bout!!!!!
::whispers to himself, "And God please don't fall!!!"::
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